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Sunday, June 3, 2012

What is the Difference Between My URL, Domain Name, and Website?

This can be technically confusing, but in most cases, the answer is simple.  Chances are when someone asks for your URL, domain name, or website, they are all asking the same question; how do they get to your website?   In our case, the answer is www.lookmaimonline.com.  It’s that simple. 

You can register a website from resellers like www.lookmadomains.com.  It should cost about $12.00 a year (or less).   Just make sure the reseller you choose, has a feature to remind you when your website registration is about to expire.  There have been many sad stories about businesses losing their registration because someone let it lapse.

All websites are unique.  Most people are familiar with the .com portion of the website.  This is called the top level domain (TLD), but there are many others, including:   
.co     .info     .net     .me     .biz     .org     .gov    .us   and so many more…

In the case of businesses, the second level domain (SLD) is the whateveryoupicked.  This usually represents your company or organization, but means nothing without the rest of the information.

The top level domain plus the second level domain create a different and unique website.  Therefore, the websites www.lookmaimonline.com, www.lookmaimonline.net, and www.lookmaimonline.biz are each unique and may be registered by the same OR different companies. 

So the next time someone asks for your URL, domain name, or website, you can respond:


If you would like to get more technical on this subject, please read the article, “Technically Speaking: What are the Components of a Website Address”.  Just a warning, the article does get technical and you will NEVER need to know most of the information.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Technically speaking: What are the Components of a Website Address?

We discuss the similarities of URL’s, domain names and website addresses in our no-nonsense non-technical article ‘What is the Difference Between My URL, Domain Name, and Website?’  You are about to read a technical article on a similar subject.  It includes information that you probably never need to know.  We are writing this article for those that just need to know more.

So, technically speaking, a fully qualified business website address consists of the following:

   Access Protocol+Host Name+dot+Second Level Domain+dot+Top Level Domain

The dot separates the components of the website address.

The Access Protocol of your website address can be either:
            http:// = hypertext transfer protocol
https:// = hypertext protocol secure, used when the website is secure, usually an online retailer where one is giving credit card information.

The Host Name of your business website address will be:
www = World Wide Web
Additionally there are other host names including:
ftp = file transfer protocol

The Second Level Domain (SLD) of your business website address will be:
            whateveryoupicked = usually your company name without spaces

Although there are third level domains and fourth level domains and lower level domains, they are usually not used in a business website address.  Therefore, the definition of second level domain is appropriate for this discussion.

The Top Level Domain (TLD) is after the last dot in the URL and can be:   
.com    .co     .info    .net    .me    .biz    .org      and many more…

A domain name is like a nickname for the address of the server where your website is hosted.  The actual address is a bunch of numbers and dots, so a domain name is much easier to remember.  It does not need to include the access protocol.  It would be:


The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) includes the access protocol and the domain name and would be:

There are many other articles on the internet that get much more technical.  This is as far as we go, but we invite you to search on any of the terms above to find out more.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What is hosting?

In order to put a website online, you need a URL and a hosting plan.  The URL or domain name (same thing) is the www. whateveryouwant .com.  It is your address on the internet.  It must be purchased from a URL reseller like www.LookMaDomains.com and is renewed annually.  The cost should be about $11.00 a year.  There is also an ICANN fee that is included with your URL, but it is usually a mere 18 cents a year.

You will also need a hosting plan.  There are free plans, plans with email accounts, plans with gigas of storage, plans free for a year, plans, plans, plans.  So many that we think there are more hosting plans than insurance company commercials!  Yet you don’t even know what a hosting plan is, so how do you know if you even need one.  Let’s describe a hosting plan in familiar terms.

Think of a sports team.  The owner of the team doesn’t usually own the team’s home field.  The field is owned by a separate company.  Let’s say the team is the Virginia Mustangs and the field owner is Hampton Roads Company. The home team, the Virginia Mustangs, pay Hampton Roads Company to have the rights to play on the field.  In other words, Hampton Roads Company ‘hosts’ the Virginia Mustangs for a fee. Then Hampton Roads Company agrees to have lockers, hire security, and hire support people to run the concession stands and take tickets at the gate.

It is the same with the internet.  You own the URL and pay Look Ma Domains to ‘host’ your website on the internet.  It’s like your URL is the Virginia Mustangs and Look Ma Domains is the Hampton Roads company.  They have a place for you to play and you have a team to that needs a home field.  In exchange for your fee, you get space on their computers, security, and support.

This arrangement works for many types of teams like pro football, baseball or basketball, but there are community sport teams too.  Sometimes a community field will display ads from sponsors and let the community teams play for free.  So it is with some hosting companies.  They will host your URL for free in exchange for having ads appear on your website.  It is a completely valid and inexpensive way to host your website.  As a matter of fact, Look Ma Domains offers this type of hosting.  Just make sure you can control the ads that appear.  You really don’t want a competitor’s ad to appear when someone goes to your website, but that’s a different article.

So, what is hosting you ask? Basically, it is the place on the internet where your website lives.  How big, small, safe and secure your home is, that is up to you and the hosting company you choose.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why do I need a website?

It’s a new world out there and our play patterns have changed.  We can’t leave the house without our cell phones, can’t start the day without checking our email and have even stopped flipping pages in books and magazines.  Even if this doesn’t describe you, it does describe your customers.

No longer are your customers opening that big fat yellow pages book to find a listing.  More likely, they are going to their computer and searching their favorite digital phone directory.  Be it Yellow Pages (www.yp.com) or City Search (www.citysearch.com) or Yelp (www.yelp.com), the digital directory is where your customers will be searching for your services.

Now, you may say, “Good, I am listed in those directories”.  However, did you know that most of your customers only call a company if they have a website listed in the directory?  That’s right, if you do not have a website in your listing most of your potential customers will skip over your listing and go to the next.

Why does your new digital customer overlook your listing?  Because they trust in their virtual reality.  Back in the day, a physical address or a Yellow Pages ad made your company and services stand out.  It presented you as creditable and legitimate.  Today, your website makes you stand out.  It’s the equivalent to a 5 page company ad and it allows the digital customer to trust you.

Times have changed and so has your customer.  Get your share of the new digital customer’s attention with an affordable website, custom designed, specifically for your needs.  Contact Look Ma I’m Online (www.lookmaimonline.com) today.